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From the president

 Our company has traditionally been focused on the design and development of traditional UNIX and Windows based applications since inception in 1997.

 At the time this company was established, email, web-browsing and the internet became wide-spread and since then various mobile and cloud technologies have also become mainstream and indispensable in our daily lives. Our social infrastructure and networks rely on this and before long the gInternet of Thingsh (IoT) will become the norm due to future innovation.
 With the constant rise and rapid development of new technologies at a growing rate and frequency, companies face increasing pressures to keep pace with these changes and the ever evolving needs of the customer as a result.

 With many years of experience in building and providing advanced professional systems and services we believe we are best placed to address customer needs and intimately understand their requirements.

 Changing technology means changes in the way communication is achieved, but the message remains the same, we aim to ensure that the applications that we develop are easy to use, understand and that the customer design remain. We aim to ensure the end result for your customer is the same regardless of the platform.

 One of our core principles is building better systems and therefore we must ensure that we constantly evolve our own people and resources to meet the ever changing landscape of our customer base.

President: Yumio Kamiyama  We offer information systems and services that will completely meet and satisfy client needs. Our aim is to work with the community and client for the mutual development and benefit of both.
 Please come to us with any queries or comments. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Yumio Kamiyama.

The origin of a company name

"cress." takes it's name from the abbreviation of the musical notation "crescendo", "cres(c)".
Crescendo, is generally taken to mean "to increase or to grow". We took these meanings and used them to create "cress." as our company name so that we may be considered as "the company that grows".

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