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Our Business

The information age is upon us and information systems that are advanced, efficient and easy to use are essential.
Particularly when the growth and improvement of customer service is a high priority.

Cress, Co.,Ltd. supports consulting, planning, development and integration of information systems for client organizations of the highest quality while considering our client's every need.


We listen to every request of out clients thoroughly, analyse existing business processes, plan improved business processes, plan system construction, etc. We always put ourselves in the postion of the client and plan for our client's every need.


We plan the best, cost effective performance systems using the newest computer technology.

Planning the best systems for out client's business processes is the highest priority, however we also take into consideration the working/running costs of the system after introducton.

We plan high quality systems based on the finest of business ethics.


We develop highly dependable software with and emphasis on productivity and quality control by using the newest software development technology.


We offer a high level of system support, such as extensive operating manuals, manuals for the business operation side as well as the system operation side.

We also include in the systems the ability to quickly extend/expand and/or changes to the operational makeup after system introduction.